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at last !

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hi all, having recovered from a brain haemorrhage and started a "new" life by moving ooop north and getting back to work, i decided to buy something i have always wanted.......a Jag :)  now the proud owner of an S type 2.7 V6 D auto that i   :wub:    it's not got everything i wanted but i'm hoping to add the extras during my ownership  :rolleyes:


hope to make a few friends on here and get some useful info etc

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Hi Barry --Welcome to the club --really pleased to hear of your recovery and wish you all the best for the future ,

I own a X type but there's lots of S Type owners in the club and we are all a very freindly bunch so I'm sure you will enjoy

being one of the gang .??



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Hi Barry, & welcome to the Club.


The good Lancashire air will cure everything and anything, and getting an S type shows that you are getting better!


We Lancastrians know what's right!


Enjoy your car!






Lancastrian in exile!

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Hi Barry and welcome to 'THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB' its good to hear of your recovery. Any questions with the car then there are plenty of experienced members on here who have no doubt asked the same or resolved the same issue/issues

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