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New Member 2.7 or 3.0 diesel please?

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Hi everyone, I have been a Merc man for 15+ years,finally saved up enough to buy a CLS which I think is a gr8 looking motor.Whilst waiting for CLS to be brought round to test drive,wandered over to pearl grey XF 2.7,nice motor.Test drove CLS,so disappointed by dash etc,so old hat,my C270 estate is better.Asked could we test drive Jag,10 minutes later-this is next car-WOW.

So have come on here to ask advice. Budget circa 13K,80 miles per day-all motorway,do I go for the 2.7 or 3.0,which spec and what gremlins to look out for?
In your hands guys,point me in right direction please.

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Like yourself Paul I was also a Merc enthusiast for many years last one being an SL55 AMG before buying my current XKR. The 4.2 V8 supercharged engine in the car would leave my old SL standing at the lights so to speak even though it was a 5.5 ltr V8 AMG tuned motor. I am not familiar with the XF therefore, not in a position to give advice for which you seek however, welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club and I wish you success in getting the correct information.

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Hi Paul, and welcome to the Club.


The mileage you do points you towards a Diesel, and the 2.7 litre diesel is a very good engine  --  I have one in my S Type  --  the 3.0  litre was an improved version of that engine to meet higher European emissions criteria. And it is 240 bhp instead of 208 bhp.


I have only been in one XF [sportbrake] and was quite impressed. Otherwise I also am not familiar with the XF.


I would suggest getting the highest spec you can with the lowest mileage and a good service record.  There will be a few XF owners who will give you some assistance and advice.


But you will enjoy your Jaguar, whichever one you get.





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Hi Paul , similarly test drove loads of CLS models before plumping for the xf , I too was disappointed at the rattly interiors and amount of wear and tear showing on some of the trim , if you can get one go for the 3.0 preferably the s model although the 3.0 in standard form is no slouch , not that the 2.7 is a bad motor or slow just with better emissions ( lower tax bracket ) and the increase in bhp it seems a no brainer , around 13k should get you an 09 / 59 with around 60k on ,

Good luck with the search

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Many thanks,the car I test drove was a 2.7 with keyless ignition and reversing camera,which I liked.Obvioulsy reading reviews etc,cannot quite figure out difference on luxury,premium,Portfolio etc.Mileage is most important,then age,then spec,so will take any advice going.Finally I have used an independent Merc man on wirral for years-brilliant and fair.Looking for same for Jag?
Thanks again  Paul

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hi paul

welcome to the club


I have owned a 2.7d S type and 2 x 3.0d 'S' XF

S type was good with the smaller engine and felt that with the extra weight that I would go for the 3.0 when I bought the XF

great engine with lots of power

great mileage on the 3.0 drove to Southampton from Scotland last week and averaged 52.1 MPG at average speed of 68 MPH over the 440 mile drive and that's the 275BHP engine


as for problems only thing that I have had is the restricted power light on limiting the speed to 40MPH can't remember if it was the intercooler or CAT


as for spec had a premium luxury and a portfolio not much between them


would recommend the 3.0TD the S if possible spec not that important






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