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Electrical gremlins and iffy suspension?


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Hi Folks, wondered if anyone could have info on the following problems.


I've not had my 2001 XJ8 long, but for the few months I've had it, it has been faultless. Until now.


I recently got back from the Highlands of Scotland and parked up outside my house. The car had performed brilliantly through wind, rain and even snow. Came to start her up a couple of days later and the engine just span. no firing! Sounded like the battery was ok, although I can't be sure. Eventually it started to fire and after 5 minutes started at last.


I wondered if a long trip (360 miles) in dark rainy conditions, with lights, stereo, wipers, heaters, cruise etc. could have run the battery down? Is there anything else it could be?


Also, I've noticed that the handling is becoming very skittish, especially over rough or uneven surfaces. there does seem to be a bit of knocking comming from the rear nearside, but it isn't loud so doesn't sound like anything major. I noticed the other day that the front offside seemed to be sitting a little low in the car park, but not sure if i was imagining that! Are these cars known for any suspension issues??


Thanks for your help in anticipation!

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Hi Steve, I can see where you are coming from in asking if you had run your battery down driving in wet, dark conditions etc however, that is the reason why an alternator is fitted to the car to keep the battery charged on the move. If as you say the engine was turning over for what sounds like some considerable time before starting suggests to me that there is nothing wrong with the battery.

Without being there I would not like to make judgement or comment on your suspension, that is something that would need closer investigation either by yourself or another.

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Hi Steve, Like Ken said I would'nt think its the battery because it turned it over OK .???

It sound's as though water has got in some where or is it a fuel problem ????

And it took time to get the fuel up ==Did you run the fuel  low before refilling

the tank.???

Fuel filter,???



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Thanks Guys, yep, I bet it was water somewhere as it's started fine ever since! One thing I forgot to mention, driver's side mirror is starting to not 'unfold' now and again, and I have to do it by hand. Then it'll work fine for a few times before failing again. Not the end of the world, but wondered if that could be water too!?

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Steve, I have advised others in the past with regard to such problems that you are experiencing with the mirror to strip it down to the mechanical components and coat with a silicone grease, this appears to do the trick and repel any ingress of moisture

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