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Overhead interior light bulb replacement


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Has anybody had their overhead console out please?


I have a popped Bulb but when I tried to move the console there were some ominous creaks and it seemed reluctant to move.


A colleague's car was quite the opposite, where the overhead console practically fell out.


What is the correct way to remove one please?

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OK, now I know why the console was reluctant to separate icon_evil.gif.

Some cowboy has already been at the console, removed the Bulb holder which is fitted to the roof metalwork, and replaced it without the metal securing clips so, in effect, I was
trying to separate the console from the Bulb holder without the Bulb holder providing any resistance. No wonder I nearly broke my fingers. So the only thing holding the console in place was, effectively, the headlining.

Anyway, new bulb holder en route to local dealership overnight so should have my beloved fettled by tomorrow afternoon, including the Homelink retro-fit :)

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