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Another really simple retro-fit


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Following on from the fault diagnosis I needed for my interior light roof console, I thought that it might be a simple task to upgrade the roof console to include the garage door opener system, aslo known as Homelink and a colleage at work was quite happy for his car to be the guinea pig :)


Long story short, the Homelink module is integral with a console which has the three buttons and is quite simply a case of swapping the original for the Homelink equipped item :) How easy is that?


The snag is that there are VERY few UK based Homelink consoles avaialbe from breakers or fleabay.


Unfortunately, those from the USA, whilst more common, are of no use as they use a different frequency in the USA.


IN fact, the UK item I managed to get was the wrong colour but, luckily, the working parts are modular and easily transposed from one console shell to another so i was able to use the original console shell with the upgraded parts.


So much nicer than having the original horrible blue brick remote clipped to the sun visor ;)

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