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Trouble shooting question!!


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Good morning all!

I have tried to introduce myself on the newbie members page but there must be a glitch so I do apologise!

I wonder if anyone can help with a problem with my beloved x type.

2003, 2.1v6...Lovely thing which has not caused me an atom of trouble till now so need advice please!


ABS light and Brake light came on last week with no apparent cause. I took this down to my local garage who told me that a code was stored C1261 (According to invoice ABS valve power relay circuit failure) and advised that I change the ABS module at a cost of near £2k!! I of course paid my respects and left...


Upon googling this code, it seems it shows Sensor LR and not module as advised by garage..


Any ideas if I should bite bullet and change module first or replace sensor? I don't want to start throwing money at her not to get a result so any help would be appreciated...


Thank you all!!

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Welcome to the Club, Darren.


I am not an engineer or an electrical expert, but I think the ABS control module can be got and fitted for much less than £2k/


I have had a quick google and have seen some advertised for around £30.  There may be a bit more to it than just replying the module, but I still think that £2k is very much OTT.


There will be other members who will help who are more expert than me.





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Thank you for replying Pete and welcoming me!


I thought 2k was a bit steep and like you have seen them for around the £40 (Used of course!)


I have removed it this morning as part numbers for said item are on the bottom of the module itself (Great design feature!) but before I go ordering I do so hope someone can shed some light before I spend my hard earned!


Thanks anyway Pete!

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Hi Darren

Let me also welcome you to the club,


I had the ABS light on with my X Type and after a check was told it was the O/S/F so I fitted a new sensor

but it still didnt work I was advised that it could be the control module --Then a fitter I know said go for the

cheapest first and he took the wire assembly from under the wing and tested it and said its the wire i got

a new one off E-Bay for £8 and fitted it without taking the wheel off and everything was perfect---.

So I would say go for the cheap way first why disturb or fit new when they are not the problem.??????



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Hi Darren,


I hoped Frank would spot your post as he knows a lot about the X Type.


Going for the cheapest first is my opinion too.. Often garages go for the easiest and most expensive.





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Can somebody help

I have Jaguar xj6 sovereign 2008 covered 47,000 miles and has developed an engine problem

When started it makes clunking and grinding noise

I was told that the its due to the particulate filter

The vehicle if driven in town which mine is needs to be driven for twenty odd minutes at high speed

How do I avoid since I am replacing a lot of engine problems

Thanking all in anticipation and looking forward to good advice

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Hi Firoz and welcome to the club.


The DPF needs regenerating periodically which can be done quite easily by a longer run about once a month.  It does not beed to be at high speed at all but about 20 minutes  at about 50 mph after the engine has got up to normal operating temperature.


My S type with the 2.7 diesel engine is mostly driven on shorter journeys in the West Midlands conurbation, but it does get a day out once a month, and with 61k on the clock I have never had a DPF problem.


I also use Shell V Power diesel, as I am advised by several mechanics that a performance engine requires the best fuel.  Having said that however, many owners do use standard/supermarket fuel without problems, although I guess that they probably do a big mileage.





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