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...And the next problem is...


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There is a plethora of info regarding programming of Homelink on t'internet but not quite the problem I'm having at the moment.

My Homelink was trained perfectly to the first channel of my remote and
then synchronized with the rolling code in channel one of the receiver.
So far, so good.

The Homelink then trained perfectly to the
second channel of my remote using one of the unused Homelink buttons,
producing the characteristic rapidly flashing light. However, it will
not synchronize with the rolling code from the receiver, no matter what I
try. I have the same problem if I completely delete the links in both
Homelink and the receiver and then try using different Homelink buttons
as the first and second channels.

From this, I deduce that all
the Homelink buttons are active and programmable. Unfortunately, I
cannot fathom why I should be having difficulty synchronizing a second

Does anybody have any clue please? Or is there an
alternative method of synchronizing? I followed the instructions in the
manual and the first channel worked perfectly. I've tried various
combinations of the number and duration of Homelink button presses.

Please, can anybody assist?

Thank you

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Hi Paul,


My garage was built when cars were small and my Rover and Jaguars would not fit in.  I have never looked at getting a door opening systemmuch as I would like one!





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I gave it some thought... always a good idea.


What had happened is that the Homelink system hadn't learned the remote properly although it appeared to at first glance. This I gleaned from the response of the Homelink LED to a button push.


Thinking about the location of the Homelink module within the overhead console, I tried re-programming all the buttons by running the remote horizontally along the head-lining by nearside edge of the overhead console. All of the buttons were recognized within a few seconds and synchronizing to the rolling code also worked perfectly each time for all of the buttons.


So now, Garage door opens and closes, garage lights switch on and off, and security lights switch on and off, individually, at the touch of a button from inside the car - and at a better range than the original garage remote :D  B)

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