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Newbie - Daimler XJ40

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Hi all, I am a new owner having bought a 1988 Daimler XJ40 with 52000 a month ago. Not new to classic cars, also have a 1992 Ford Sierra with 60000 miles in showroom condition. Have had various classic cars since mid 80's.


There are 2 quirks with my car that I thought I would mention in case somebody else has had them.


Firstly, if I turn off the Aircon - whatever settings I use I still get hot (very hot) air through screen demisters. Can be uncomfortable unless I run aircon all the time.


Secondly, the horn does not work. When I checked the relay in the box to the nearside of the radiator the relay looked quite corroded, but also it was the only relay present there and it looks as if there should be 2 or 3 others in that location. I am not really good on electrics, although pretty good on mechanics. Am just off to get a new relay to see if that will correct horn problem, but would be interested to hear if there seem to be some missing.


I would also be interested to hear of any meets in SE London area, did attend the Bromley Pageant last weekend and met a couple of owners there.

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Hi Graham and welcome to the club.


There are a few XJ owners of that era who will be able to assist, and a few members who are expert in electrics.


On the question of the aircon Jaguar advise that it should be run all the time.  When I switch the engine on I often get very hot air for a minute or two.  It is worth trying that before anything else.


There are several meets currently in the planning stage, and there are always one or two in Brighton every year.





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hi Graham 

                firstly welcome to the club it looks very much like you have had some nice cars in the past, as to your niggles with the car no doubt another member with give you some help very soon 


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