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Which model Jaguar to buy?


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Helow to all Jaguar Club Members.

I have just joined today and sorry to admit I have never owend a Jaguar

still looking to put matters right by buying my first!!!

So need help please from all you Jag enthusiasts.

I am looking for somthing that will drive well like a modern car but has character

maybe a late Mk 2 3.8 Auto or a more moder XK I know they are entirely different

so that is where I need the help, like the sound of the MK2 best but is the drive modern enough.

Any help appreciated.

Regards Andy26.......

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Hi Andy,


When you are buying and older car it is often not the year of production that counts, but rather the care it has had during its life.


When you are buying a newer model it is usually the latest year of production you should look for    ---    for instance, if you are looking for a S type,  07 or 57 plated cars that have been well treated are the best bets, as they were the ;last of the production runs.



However, Jaguar are very good cars and meant to please.





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Hi Andy and welcome to THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB. I can only suggest you take a test drive in the vehicle of your choice whether it be a Mk2 or an XK8/XKR. From there you can make a decision on your preference and start the hunt for the vehicle of your choice. Members of the club would oblige in taking a ganders of cars that are a little far from you to avoid extra mileage. When you have seen an advertisement that interests you place a post on here to establish in anyone lives in the area of ? and would the take a look at etc etc taking photographs.

Good luck

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