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Fuel Gauge Noise


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Hi everyone


Still new to the forum, purchased my 57 plate S-Type just over a month ago, about a week ago I noticed that the fuel gauge was working intermittently, one minute it was showing zero, then the correct fuel and so on. 

When I purchased the car it came with 6 months warranty (Autoguard)  So I thought the problem was perhaps the Fuel sender, so I contacted Autoguard who gave me the go a head to take it to there Approved garage Halfords Autocenter. Who explained that the Diagnostic would/did cost £49.99. Dropped my car of and about an hour or so later they contacted me explaining that it was a loose connection in the fuel tank etc and the gauge is working properly. So went to collect my car switched on 1st thing Gauge read 1/4 tank, when over 3/4 fuel was available. So back in told the mechanic who looked at it and confirmed the problem. So he said that it might be the fuel sender and he will contact Autoguard.  Again switched on my car to drive off and noticed there was a noise when I switched on and off the ignition, I couldn't tell where it was coming only from the front...so back in I go again (same mechanic) who jumps in the drivers seat switches on and off here's the noise...and tells me that that noise is the petrol gauge and its sticking...once again he tells me he's going to contact Autoguard and will get back to me. That was over a day ago so I rang them back, he then tells me that the fuel gauge is not covered under my warranty...and that if I wanted it repaired, I will be without my car for 7-10 days and cost of £400. Not happy!! anyway so I said that the fuel gauge reading wasn't sorted out properly, apparently he was with a customer when he picked up the phone to me and I should call him tomorrow.  


So if anyone has any thoughts or ideas on what to do next please all advice will be considered.

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I'd avoid halfrauds auto centre like the plague!!

Ring the warranty place and ask if there's any other garages you can take it to.

Also, charging £50 for diagnostics on a warranty claim sound bad practice to me, hope you didn't pay it!!

Mate of mine took his Mgf to an auto centre for a water pump replacing and they very nearly killed his car and he had to claim compo for the !Removed! ups they did!

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Hi Elvis,


I usually get my tyres from Halfords, plus a few other bits, but I wouldn't trust any of the garages similar to Halfords.


Luckily I have used a mobile mechanic for over 12 years who can sort anything out.


I would suggest you have some discussion with the dealer from whom you bought the car concerning the warranty.





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Hi Elvis, I too got a warranty from the dealer (3mths) when I bought my S type about a month ago. On reading the policy documents I realised you could fit what they DO cover in a single paragraph but what they DONT cover consumes several pages. Dealers are trying to shirk their responsibilities and pass them to warranty companies as its easier and in the long run actually cheaper for them. They cannot however shirk their responsibilities regarding consumer legislation.

In your case you asked the warranty company for their permission for the diagnosis, so whatever the outcome they should pay for this as they had the opportunity to tell you what is and is not covered i.e. the go ahead on the diagnosis was not conditional on the outcome.

If it makes you feel any better I too have an intermittent problem with my fuel gauge indication which I believe to be the sender unit. I recently had an occasion when after putting £20 of fuel into the tank, on re-starting the indication was no different to before fuelling. I almost thought that the petrol station pump was faulty and had not actually delivered any fuel! Yesterday morning I had the ignition on before starting and noticed the fuel gauge reading zero when I knew it was about quarter full. For a second I thought the petrol had been nicked. Thought to double check this with the trip computer remaining miles message and it it said 'invalid signal' (or words like it). Went through the trip menu again, came back to 'remaining miles' and this time it said '783 mile remaining'!! Hey?? Switched off and then on again and then the gauge and computer went back to normal. Weird. I think its either a dodgy connection or the sender unit or possibly charging/battery problem.

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Hi elvis

Sorry a little late answering your post been away, had the same problem, only answer was to change the instrument panel £50 from eBay easy to fit but needs to be initalised by Jaguar software £80 at a independent garage, no problems since, but watch out 4 millage as it will show the higher millage of the 2 units

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