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3.0 S-Type Sport Manual


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Hi all,


I did have a separate post going about potential conversion of auto to manual gearbox, before coming to my senses and just buying a manual in the 1st place! Which I did on Saturday :)


She's a 51 plate in blue with black leather and 128K on the clock, and while being a helluva car, she's not without some issues. The history peters out over the last couple of years so I'm starting from scratch more or less and I intend to do the bulk of any work myself and only use garages if specialist tools or diagnostics are required. If OK I'l list the info I need, and if anyone is decent enough to respond to any point, it would be appreciated ;)


1. Flat spot under load, the V6 generally runs smooth, rattle and smoke free, but under heavy load i.e. flooring it, power delivery is not linear to the point that it feels like there is a fuel or ignition issue or not all cylinders are working. I hope and expect this is a plug / coil pack issue, which I'll address shortly with a full service. Does this assessment sound right or could it be an issue with the VVT? 


2. If 1 is plugs and coils, what is the recommended replacement, I can get a new coil pack set from a UK eBay seller with a 2 year guarantee for £43.50. Are these likely to be OK or should I look out for genuine parts only? Similarly, NGK platinum plugs are c£30 per set, but Denso and NGK also offer an Iridium variant for c50% more money, are they worth the extra?


3. If standard plugs are OK, berkshirejagcomponents have a service kit including the 4 filters, 6 plugs and a sump nut, for only £72.95, which seems a good bet.


4. I only have 1 set of keys and they're battered and the old 2 part type. Could I get the newer integrated flip out ones programmed and cut and where is it best to do this?


5. The headlights are covered with a milky / cloudy film, not sure if this is an S-Type only issue, but I've not seen it before. Any ideas how to clean or remove this, or am I looking at new lights?


I don't want to tax your patience, so I'll leave my questions re central locking, types and suspension until later.


Thanks in advance, Russ

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I cleaned my milky headlights on my old '99 car with halfords cutting compound with plenty of water.

Toothpaste works too or I saw in practical classic mag last month a 3M headlight repair kit for around £30 to use with a cordless drill.

Hesitating under load could be the plugs on the left bank as you need to take the intake off to get to them so many people never change them.

Not sure on the key side of things as usually a new style fob means a new chip system, I may be wrong!!

Try Jaguar first then work from their price, independent garages may be worth a try too.

Try your local euro car parts for service items first.

Hope all this helps.

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Hi Andy,

Many thanks for the reply, I'll try the toothpaste trick on the headlights. Plus I'll order off the service kit.

What's my best option re workshop manual, is there a download or similar I can access?

Cheers, Russ

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