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Well, I got my Jag!

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Hi everyone, I'm Christopher.

Collected my MY10 XF 3.0 DSL on Monday, what a car, love it to bits already. I tried driving in sport and dynamic and while more exciting I did feel kind of dirty afterwards, like the car didn't deserve to be driven like that. It's D all the way for me now she deserves quiet encouragement not rip tearing around. Anyone else feel like that?

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Hi Christopher

Welcome to the club you will find us very friendly and helpful --I slowed down a while back

as I am now 76 I find i'm not in a hurry anymore so I just enjoy the ride.


all the best



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Hi Christopher, and welcome to the club.


The Jaguar gives you  that unique experience with which you can drive gracefully and gently, but also quickly, which the big Cat does also like.


I came back from Welwyn on Wednesday with a lot of motorway where I enjoyed the 70 mph stretches as well as the 50 mph cruises through the roadworks.


Like Frank, I have had my share of speed, prior to the introduction of the 70 mph limit, but it is still quite nice to show a boy racer that old guys can still drive quickly and skilfully.







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