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2000 S-Type back on the road again!


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Good news among all the maintenance issues. Recently purchased my first Jaguar Stype, 4.0 2000 model. Gorgeous car white leather interior and i guess they call the color "british racing green"? correct me if that is wrong. In any case i love the color and the paint has survived 15 years and looks amazing after a few coats of wax.


She had only 60,000 miles on her when i bought for $5000 , not a bad deal and she runs great. One of the best cars i have had on the highway, soooo smooth. 


Hoping the old gal lasts for years to come. I know the s-type takes grief for its retro look but i think it is unique and will be prized years down the road.




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post-4237-0-44366600-1435989418.jpg Mark 2 Jaguar



Hi Jerry, and Welcome to the club.


I will look up the colour code, but Phil is quite correct.. British Racing Green is Dark Green, but I do rather like that colour you have.


I have just been "talking" to  another member from the USA  [Las Vegas] who is also an S Type owner.


When the then founder of the Jaguar Marque, Sir William Lyons designed the first Mark 1 & Mark 2 Jaguars, which were the predecessors of the S type he said that it has "Grace, Pace and Space", and the retro look has been to the S Type's advantage since they stopped production in 2008.


Enjoy the Jaguar experience, and I hope you keep posting in the JOC forums.





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Hi Jerry.


There are a multitude of colours similar to your car,  and the best was to find the colour is to look up the code.


On my S type the colour code is on the passenger side [left in the UK] just below the "A" frame when the door is open.


If you then google the code you will get the correct colour.





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Thanks for the heads up on the color identification. I found out that it is alpine metallic. Looks like they only put it on 2000 models, but i am not sure. I am a big fan of that color now though, looks fantastic.

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Hi Jerry,

Your Jag looks in great condition and it's a lovely colour, I too have recently purchased my first S type and absolutely love the drive and retro style, it's turning heads and I did not expect that ;) .




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