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TPMS errors


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Hi all,


I have been having TPMS (tyre sensor) errors for the last 2 years in that the sensor keeps on intermittently coming on and off even though the tyre pressures are fine.  The car (2010 XF) has been into both Jaguar and independent dealerships over that period and they can't find out what is wrong.  the last time it was in they replaced one of the sensors which worked initially but then a few miles down the road it came on again, also they did a software update which I believe came from a bulletin.  The error message is not on any particular wheel, when it comes on, generally it cycles through all 4 wheels over and over again.  Obviously I have lost all confidence in it so it is useless and annoying.  Has anyone seen this before or have any helpful hints?





PS: Hello by the way.  I am new to the forum.

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Hi Russell, and welcome to the club.


I have not had this message on my S type.  I am wondering if just clearing it with an OBD2 scanner might remove the annoying element.


Everything seems to be working OK, so it does not seem to be anything mechanical.


These electrical vagaries can indeed be curious to drivers of the old school!





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Thanks for the reply Peter.  Pleased to say that, touch wood, the garage has done the latest update and it has solved it at least for a few days.  It doesn't sound like a common problem and hence why it took so long to sort out.




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I'm new to the forum, just having purchased a 2011.  I had problems with the TPMS in my Lexus (which I gladly traded in to get the Jag).  It turned out the problem was interference from my car phone charger.  Bought a new, better charger (not the cheapest) and the problem disappeared.



86 XJ6- rusted away

91 XJS 5.3 (RIP)

94 XJS Coupe 6.0

11 XF 

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