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X Type advise needed please.


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I bought a 2004 X type 2.0D about 6 weeks ago , but this week the car seems a bit noisier on start up and there is a strange burning smell after a few minutes of driving, the smell seems to disappear as quickly as it appears after the engine is shut off.

Not sure if this could be related but also a loss of power when A/C is used.


Any suggestions please?



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Hi Paul,


Thee are several possibilities, but not being an engineer I can't point you to the immediate one.


But if you open the bonnet and get someone else to start the engine you could get a clue.


The engine bay is quite insulated from the cabin and a visual inspection could help.


Are there any fault codes showing?





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I am after some advise on my 02 x type petrol. I developed a fault and had a diagnosis check which cane back as o2 sensors upstream so I replaced both of these along with fuel filter however when it gets to running temp i can only drive it with pedal quater of the way down otherwise it gets really lumpy in all gears and kind of back fires/ popping any advice appreciated

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