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Help and advice needed

Tom Sheldon

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I have an X type 2001 petrol 2.5 manual model and live in the Canaries. I have been having a lot of problems with the suspension and the discs. The garage (not Jaguar) have fitted 3 lots of new discs and they just get eaten away. I understand now that the supplier of these discs is always having problems and so will be buying proper Jaguar parts. Likewise with the wishbones and the suspension. I think I have learned my lesson. The problem I now have is that the car underneath is leaking Oil from just about every joint seal possible and I am advised that the best option is to remove the engine, gearbox and transfer box and replace all the seals and gaskits. We have had the car since new, its done 97K and if my wife didn't like it, I would be rid of it. I tried to interest her in a Fiat Panda, but she likes the Jaguar! Just to make matters more difficult the radiator has sprung a leak. The new mechanic I trust completely and he is perfectly capable of doing the work. So:- some specific questions..


1) Where is the best place to get the parts? Not just in terms of price, I want the quality. The main dealer here seems to triple the price of the parts, but that is normal across a whole range of products and services. The price of living in the sunshine and on an island!

2) What parts/seals are the same or interchangeable with a ford mondeo? Is the quality the same, will they last as long? We intend to keep the car for several more years.

3) If the engine is out what else should I do at the same time? One thing we will do is change the sensor at the back of the engine, it works but causes the warning light to come on. Should I change the cam belt /cam chain?

4) And it needs a whole new handbrake, which apparently is a common problem and is sorted only by changing the lot.


At main dealer prices I am aware that the work would not be cost effective.


Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding preventative work whilst the engine and transmission are out


Many thanks



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Hi Tom and welcome to the club.


It might well be that you have to source the parts from the UK and pay the shipping cost.


The David Manners Group are very good and supply genuine Jaguar Parts.  I have used them several times, as they are quite close to where I live.  They do ship worldwide.


SNG Barrett have also been recommended by other members.


You will also get the part number from their catalogue, and then compare it with Ford.  Some of the parts are interchangeable but as I am not an engineer I con't tell you exactly which





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