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Door trim modification


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SWMBO reckons she can see the difference between my original door panels and the retro-fitted seats Andy. She's the only one who can though.


The door cards which go with the seats are still available but the coloured part at the top of the front door trims doesn't match my dash.

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If there anything like the Mgf ones they will be held on by little star type clips which snap the lug off if your not careful!!

"SWMBO" pointed out the other day that my dash wood is lighter than the gearstick surround wood.

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I just managed to have a close look at one off the car and it is a single moulding although it looks like it might be two separate-able pieces when viewed normally.


Never mind though, SWMBO has just admitted today that she can't, in fact, see any difference in the daylight :lol:

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