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Transmission Problem: S-type 2003 2.5l petrol engine


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I live on an island in Malysia. Jag support/diagnostics not available. There are one or two skilled mechanics who could do the work necessary if they knew what they had to do. 


Problem is worst at first start-up in the day. At very low speed when accelerating there is a metallic clank/clunk. Once it has warmed up, and providing acceleration is gentle, there is no major problem (although there may be some slippage).


I am in the UK at the moment, and could take back with me any small component (e.g. speed sensor) and can have it fitted there as a first attempt to solve problem. Otherwise I will have to ship out a replacement transmission from the UK. It would have to be a used unit. If that’s necessary, any advice as regards reliable sources.



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Hi Joe,


There is a company is Glasgow who are very helpful and have supported the Club on quite a few occasions.


Mackie Automatic Transmissions will respond to a telephone call [0141 778 4545] and give some expert advice.


It is worth having a look at their website. --  Just google their name.





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