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Newbie with first Jag

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Well, now the kids have grown up and we have made our final house move, we no longer need "sensible" cars. So I have dipped my toe into the world of Jaguar.


I have just purchased a 58 plate X Type 2.2D SE, Auto, in black. 


My last car was a 1.4 petrol Megane, and what a difference. I actually want to drive my 30 mile commute between Liverpool and Manchester every morning now. Leather, heated seats, cruise control, better fuel consumption. Completely different way to drive. I love it.


If I have a complaint, its the lack of bluetooth audio or USB. But that's the same with many cars of this type.


I do believe I have seen the last petrol engined car on my driveway and possibly  my first of many Jags.

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hi steve ,  I am on my second Jaguar now new xj year old car. love it. took early retirement 3 year ago {wife took ill}  was a building co owner who had mercs bms new every 3 years, last bm an x5 was a night mare every elec prob that you can think of it had it, was looking to buy a 911 retirement present to myself  seen an xk and it was love what a car had it for 3 years but it wasn't practical couldn't get the wife and my mother in it at the same time. only probs I had with it in 3 years wer the parking sensors but wer sorted out with the dealers. so was looking to change to more practical car ie 4 seats always fancied a bently or a nice s-class but opted for year old xj  prem l and love it . hope you love yours atb charlie

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Badish news. Last weekend the gearbox error light came on. I only had the car a week! but it had come with an extended warranty so it was put into Hatfields Jaguar in Liverpool. They diagnosed a broken turbo, which was replaced and I got her back today. On the plus side the loan car was a brand new XE with 170 miles on the clock,. So everything turned out alright. Annoying, but hasn't jaded my view of my x type.

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