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End of an era

Lord H

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Just got rid of my PITA Jaguar XF

What a pity fantastic looking car very comfortable BUT what an absolute nightmare to own, ever since buying it I have just chased one problem after another soooooo glad to be rid of it now and good luck to its new owner at least they will get a warranty I would think as I sold it to we buy anything hopefully they get it repaired under warranty and have a really nice car, there can't be much else to go,wrong with it now surely...

It's been a nightmare and I'm glad it's gone and no longer my problem, would I buy another Jaguar????


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Hi Richard.

Let me say how sorry I am that you've had so many problems, been there and have the T shirt but with a Mercedes !! what a pile it was, would not own another Merc EVER. But the XF is in another league this is my second jag never had a pick of bother with mine best car I've owned and I've had a few, think we both just got bad cars what's that saying Monday morning car or a Friday afternoon.

Regards Dave

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Hi Richard,


You had a terrible and expensive experience, and I can understand how you feel.


I have been luck with my car - no problems at all.


There is  difference between an foreman's friend and a Friday car.


I hope you next car is a good one.





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Thanks for the good wishes

I guess there can be LEMON cars no matter what make really fancied the Jag rather than a German car at the time but regretted it within weeks of ownership I tried but one problem was followed by another yes it cost me around £7k in just over a year with repairs and the depreciation yes it ruined my experience but there were times I enjoyed the car

Really enjoyed the Scottish meet where it ran like a drum for the weekend thankfully

All the best and I hope your cars don't fail you like mine did

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