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Battery Cover vent pipe

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Hi.  Reading my owners manual it says that the Battery Cover vent tube or breather pipe must be connected.  Mine wasn't but I wasn't sure where to connect it to.  Presumably it's to get rid of the gasses and obviously you don't want them in the boot.  I stuck my breather tube out through a rubber grommet I found leading out to behind the rear bumper.  Is this the correct place?

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That's a good question.


The first thing I bought for my S Type was a new battery which didn't have a connection for the vent pipe. I was told that modern calcium batteries do not need to be vented.

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Hi Robin,


My battery has a vent pipe, and it is pushed through the grommet  on the rear bumper. Gases will vent outside.


Paul provides some useful information.  I come from an era of the dynamo and a battery that you topped up every week or so which powered nothing more than the starter motor.


They have come along a lot since then, and will continue to do so.





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Hi Peter,


I too am from a generation where batteries were a regular maintenance item.


I am not altogether convinced that modern batteries do not vent gas and would welcome the view of somebody who knows precisely what they are talking about rather than someone trying to sell me a battery.


Having said that,I've now seen several S Types and none of them have a vented battery.

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I changed my battery about 3 weeks ago and both the old and the new, have a vent pipe. I think they must be older technology lead-acid types as they don't say 'maintenance free' and do have the 6 little screw plugs for topping up. Interestingly my Jag handbook makes reference to topping battery up. At the moment however both old and new are flat because some other problem (different topic).

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