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Oil Coolers fitted to the 2.7


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Being a first time owner of a "S" type 2.7 diesel (2004), I have heard one or two horror stories concerning the Oil coolers fitted to this car. Apparently, it or they are fitted integral in the radiator. 

Following a rather nasty experience on a previous car where the internal Oil way within the cooler failed, I was left with a totally destroyed engine.

Has anyone experienced this sort of issue with a Jaguar and would fitting stand alone air-cooled Oil cooler(s) be a good way forward?


Regards, martyn



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Hi Martyn, and welcome to the Club.


I have not hard anything about Oil coolers failing on the 2.7D engine, although my car [before I bought it] had a new engine fitted at 21840 miles by Jaguar, which could have been an Oil pump failure.  It was then in the ownership of Grange of Exeter.


If you ensure that you use the Oil recommended by Jaguar and ensure it is changed every 12k miles there should be no problem.


My last long run was to Welwyn and back on the 1st July --- that very hot day -- mostly at 70 mph on the motorway  showed no indication of the engine getting overheated.


Enjoy your s type --  a great car to drive.





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