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Diesel smoke on start up


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I have a Jaguar X-type 2.0d which smokes badly on cold start-up, it's defo diesel smoke. if I disconnect the power supply to injector 1 it runs on 3 cylinders but when I disconnect injector 4 power supply it doesn't alter the running of the engine. Changed diesel filter, EGR valve, turbo and heater plugs. ECU has no stored faults and the injectors have been replaced. any ideas?


thanks in advance.


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Welcome to the Club, Neil.


I am no engineer, but I have heard that the colour of the smoke can give a clue to the issue.


I am wondering if a Terraclean service would be of use.  Check it out on the internet and see what you think.





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Hi Neil


I would say with out a doubt

you have a leaking injector when you stop the engine

it leaks dev into the cylinder then you start in the morning it burns the excessive

dev resulting in smoke then it would be OK all day when its in use or you would'nt

notice it .



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thanks for the warm welcome and your responses. I have used a fortaye flush which didn't work at all. We have noticed now that when its warm the disconnection of injector 4 does alter the noise of the engine but it doesn't when cold. strange?

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