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Williams f1 ceramic coating specialist

lancs valet

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Evening ladies and Gentlemen.


Firstly an introduction regarding myself,i own and operate www.lancashirevaleting.co.uk


I have owned several XJ-40 models and a v8 300 model.


I love the Jaguar for its character and charm and prestige,quality is fabulous.


Having run my company for over 17 years, i would gladly welcome any questions or information regarding Valeting or ceramic paint protection.


Having done many ceramic paint protection kits on Jaguars,photos and details of these cars are available for you to contact if the need arises.


The level of protection the ceramic gives is simply way above any other protection kit available,and believe me i have tried plenty of leading brands,which simply cannot match the Williams.


The price is also another major bonus as i can apply a kit with a flight case of Williams product for less than other so called leading brands.

Nationwide coverage is available,last week it was Essex

Hope this is ok to post with admin,any questions im happy to oblige




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Hi Shane,


OK with me!


Members, including myself, do like to look after their cars.  I have had several paint protection products on several cars and after three years or earlier they need a good polish to bring up that showroom shine again.





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Hi Peter,


I welcome your reply,the kits that have gone prior to ceramic are made from synthetic materials.


The ceramic will not break down,either with deterioration,and certainly not with heat.

The ceramic will and i can prove will withstand the heat from Motorcycle headers,and believe me they got very hot.


Bird droppings and lime will burn through any synthetic protection kit and will certainly with time,burn through any wax product.


A certain motorcycle producer are using this product on the there bikes,on all parts as they have had metal and paint issues,which customers have complained about the standard,so they now have these kits applied from new.


The whole point of the ceramic is for people to detail there cars or bikes but without having to go the buffing and waxing scenario every few years.


The product is made in conjunction with Boeing,and is used on many aviation applications.

Having used all protection kits,ie supa guard, guard x lifeshine diamond brite,all these products cannot hold a candle to the Williams ceramic.All the above i can buy and apply and make more money on these.But that's not what im here for,im here for clients/customers to be more than happy and to recommend to other customers,as they will know months down the line,that they have invested well.



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