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I have had my car for a while now and not managed to find out its history. So far I have found that its original owner worked for a company that was based in Australia. They brought the car with them to England in 1990 where unfortunately it was registered as a new car. I have tried Jaguar heritage but they told me it was the wrong engine size but I do not think it has its original engine in it.
The car has a plaque that is on the dash board saying Designed and tuned by Jaguar for the Cannonball Run.

Here are the cars details,

Make and Model :- Jaguar XJ-S "3.6 litre"
Body style :- Coupe right hand drive
DOB :- 25 October 1990 (not sure if correct)
Chassis no :- SAJ-JNAEC3CA 177421
Engine no :- 9DPAMA 194409
Body No :- 5X 009651
Gear Box :- 1304459
Transmission :- Automatic

Any help on the cars history would be greatly appreciated.​

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Hi Andrew, and welcome to the cub.


I think that starting at the beginning is the best option.


There is a site called   VinDecoderz.com which should give you the details of your car when it left the factory.


Let us know how you get on, as you have a very interesting topic before you.





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Thank you for your reply, I have entered the VIN number into the website that you have suggested but it tells me I have a 2012 XK which is very strange. I have checked the VIN to my Jaguars owner cert and it appears to be right.





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The Chassis number you have quoted 177421 is way after the Cannonball cars of which there were 11. 

Their Chassis numbers were around JNAEW3AC100280 March 1980 & were of course V12 engines not 3.6

And this is the Plaque that each has. 001 to 011

So I suspect what you have is false 

100648  004 copy.jpg

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