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Change Radio Head Unit

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Hi all,


thinking of changing my radio in the Jag, I have a brand new Pioneer in my Citroen which I'm hoping will go in the jag, Ill need a kit similar to the one below i'm guessing 




CD Changer in the jag is skipping on brand new CD's - my real question is though How do I remove the current stock fitted radio ?


Anyone any ideas ? 


Thanks in advance




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Yes, that's the kit although not the kit if you want steering wheel controls.

Removing is dead easy, unclip the leather trim ring around radio and randle handle by simply pulling then you'll see the bolts holding the unit in.

You say the changer is skipping?

Do you mean the boot changer or the cd slot in the radio??

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I have a tape player in the front, CD Changer in boot. Don't need steering wheel controls as havent got those,


I burnt a new Maxell CD this morning and it skips on every track.




Thanks Ill get that kit and have a go at changing it.

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