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Leaking ATF or is it steering fluid... Could be just a seal?

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Hi All,



Finally I got my first Jag.


Truth must be told. I wanted an X-type originally, but once I saw this beauty, I could not resist. I am fond to V8 anyway.


This 2001 4.0 V8 Sport is just astonishing. Not a patch of rust anywhere [other than the places where the old lady hit the driveway posts]. Interior is mint. Engine sounds superb.


BUT, and it is a big one. Leaking ATF, or similar substance, as it has parked up. :(


When I was driving initially, I paid particular attention to the "lurch" - I did my homework before buying - but did not experience anything. It was smooth as.


Previous owner drove it to me from 100 miles away, so it was warm anyway, so I might have would not notice anyway.


Now its dropping pinkie in a bowl so I can measure it. 50ml so far in two days.


My only hope is that, this is just a simple seal or drain plug issue.


It is booked to H.A. FOX for service and A/C re-gas. Hope they won't break my spirit.



from an enthusiastic newbie.



Thank you for any advice in advance.



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H.A Fox were the supplying dealer for my car.

Very helpful dealer when questioned about my cars history!!

Sounds like it could be a seal, have you anyway of getting it up in the air to check??

Oh.... Welcome by the way.

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Welcome to the club, Tamas.


Getting under cars for me is now a no no, but Andy is pointing you in the right direction.


The s type is a great car to drive, and a real classic design.  When the s type 4.0 litre was built it became the fastest production road car  Jaguar had ever built.






P.S.  There is a Jaguar Owners Club meet at the Heritage car museum in Gaydon on September the 19th.  Not that far away from Nottinghamshire.

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First of all, thanks for the replies Andy and Peter.


Last night, I could not go to sleep easy, so I was thinking. Climbed under the nose a little bit and realized that the leak could not come from the gearbox. Its dripping front of the front axle.


Steering fluid. Took a few pictures. Seems that the hydraulic pump was fiddle around with recently.


I hope that all it is.


Please reassure me.


I want this car to be fixed up and be a gem.

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