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3.0 S-Type Sport 2006 Exhaust options

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Just close to buying my first S-Type & will be wanting to replace the two rear silencers with one that just makes the cat purr abit more but not scream.


Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction, my last car had a Powerflow fitted by a great guy in Bournemouth but I understand I can get them off the shelf for this car ?.





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I have powerflow boxes on mine, brand new eBay bargain of £75 the pair!!

Guy had them on his 4.0 but didn't like the sound!

How do you find them assuming you have the 3ltr V6.

Does it drone on M-Ways ?

£75 a pair is very good value isn't it.

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I had them on my 3.0 petrol and they sounded sweet at cruising speeds and throaty when the horses were unleashed!!

Nice on motorways too. Not overly loud.

I now have them on my 2.7d and they sound sweet at cruising speeds and throaty when the horses are unleashed!!

Lovely and quiet on the inside on motorways too!!

And, more importantly, they look good!!

Better than the black painted tips on the old boxes!


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If I may chip in!?


I was just thinking to do the same on my 4.0 V8.


I've seen some nice Magnaflow videos on YouTube, but worried a bit about being too loud on long trips.


But it would be awesome around town. Love to hear the grunt and rumble of the beast on leash...


Is there any issue with MOT with these?




and sorry for the intrusion Maca44.

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