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Fuel consumption.

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Right chaps. where would you start to increase fuel consumption. I seem to be ok on long distances, around 30mpg.  tyres at 35 psi, no engine faults, but only doing 10-15 around town. mind we do have a lot of trafic lights, round a bouts and trafic jams, so suppose that doesnt help



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The road works around Hinckley are abominable, and many motorists, including me, sometimes flee the jams on the roadworks on the M1/M6/M42 to get into more jams on the A5.


I was round there a couple of weeks ago and the jam around the A14/M1 junction had me somewhat dischuffed, especially hone I though about getting back home.


Through the lanes on the way home was much nicer, but didn't do a lot for the mpg.



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