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Auto gearbox thought.

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Hi all,


Jaguar S type diesel automatic sport 118k 05 plate.


Yesterday did a 120 mile journey,mainly motorway with no issues UNTIL i stopped for 3 hours returned to the car and boom.....gearbox fault in display panel and only the first two gears available...any ideas gratefully received!

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Generic code readers sometimes don't read all the codes.

Example, my odb2 reader with torque and dashboard apps says my car has no faults.

My AA mate put his textbook tool on and it says blend motor fault!!

Your gearbox fault could be an oil level fault, have you had any faults before??

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Hmmm....interesting,actually had ABS  and DSC faults but no error codes recently.


On looking at Jaguars manual the auto transmission collects info from the above and could put the box into a limp home format to protect the transmission but i will be checking the fluid levels in due course.


Thank you for your input.


Any other ideas appreciated bearing in mind im not illiterate-ie spelling fault-thought in the heading....silly me ;-)

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Hi I have the same problem with my 2.7 diesel, I have put it off the road as I thought gearbox was gone. I know the battery is ok but I do have an alternator problem and abs/dsc on dash as well, could this cause the gearbox fault? just wondering. thanks.

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Battery can SEEM ok but if its weak it will show up the faults you suggest. Alternator is what keeps the battery going, I would sort the alternator problem and fully charge the battery or replace and your gearbox fault may just disappear. 

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Having bought my first ever Jaguar, collect this Saturday, I was surprised when the salesman told me that he had ordered a new battery even though the battery in the car started the engine first time with a lively spin.


I didn't question his reason for the change. Now reading that an aged battery could cause these problems is a new one on me.


Forever prepared to learn from those more knowledgeable than me.  It looks like I will have to ditch my assumptions that the battery was solely there to start the engine and after that the alternator supplied the necessary amps once the engine was running at normal speed speed supplying the amps required at a pressure of 13.8 volts.



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Yes the battery will show a good voltage, but if it isn't full up of electric eg AMPS , when you turn the engine over if it takes the volts down below 9 volts? (approx) the modules eg p/ brake etc will panic that they haven't got enough volts to operate correctly and therefore flag up a protective fault, that's the gist of it, sort of???

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