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S Type wind noise

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Has anybody noticed slightly intrusive wind noise on their S Type at speeds above 60 mph?


I wouldn't have noticed it except that the rest of the car is so darned quiet :lol:


Sounds as though it is coming from the driver's door area (mirror? window?)


I was wondering if anybody had any ideas to silence it and whether wind deflectors might be the solution?

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All I can say is that somehow you have to pull the seal of the door frame. or off the car itself because it has two. and pack out the soft sealing piece with something like a strip of rubber  and then replace and hopefully it will have restored the seal sufficiantly to stop wind noise. Sorry that is the best I can do to explain it.


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I've not had a problem with wind noise on my car, even today at 120mph showing an X type driver he chose the wrong jag was I bothered by wind noise!!

All I heard was the subtle sound of a 2.7 twin turbo V6 diesel purring along!!

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Over a period of time, the upper part of the door/window surround can bend slightly causing wind noise.


Tape the door up with easy peel masking tape climb in through the passengers door and take it for a spin, or try pulling/pushing  the upper door frame in with a finger while driving sometimes there is just enough give to cause a noise.


The trick is (if it needs it) is some blankets and a 4x2 piece of wood pass through the open window to east the upper frame back slightly, easy on a ford tricky on a jag done correctly doors will be super silent

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