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poor throttle response

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I bought my S Type 4 or 5 weeks ago and at first it seemed  fine, but in the last couple of weeks the throttle response has deteriorated. The throttle has no "feel". Small throttle movements  by me have no effect. If I am pulling out from a junction and make a firm push down on the throttle the car hesitates and then surges forward. This is very difficult when pulling out of a side road into traffic.


A Jaguar dealer says that there is no fault code registered in the ECU so there is no fault.


Has anyone else has this problem and any suggestions how it might be fixed.


Thanks for your help





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Hi Andy,



I have had the odd surge forward, and it is usually an indication in my car [2.7D]that ] the EGR valves are getting sticky.  A good blast on the motorway usually does it. my neighbour has a Mercedes 1.8D and also sometimes experiences the same.


Petrol engines could be different



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