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I've been hearing some good, indeed, rave reports about a roduct called Cataclean.


It has been mentioned on this forum although not in any detail.


It is incredibly easy to sit back and say "snake oil" with no evidence to back it up so I was wondering whether anybody had any experience with it please?


I'd especially be keen to har about the effect of the DPF cleaning version :)


Any views / opinions please?



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Hi Paul,


I have seen this product advertised too, but I am not certain how good it it.  I tend to read the bad reviews first!


I would also be inclined to read reviews from Club Members as a good guide.  I must say though, I have never had a cat problem with either petrol or diesel cars.





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Hi Paul,


There is a product which I have used and thought it quite good, called Wynn's Xtremen Diesel System clean.  Inter alia, it cleans the EGR and the DPF.


It is an additive which should be used [i didn't] in conjunction with EGR cleaner, and goes into half a tank of diesel.  You use it every 3,000 miles.  I used it before I went to Ireland in June and the engine seemed to perform very well.


I bought another bottle which I keep in the boot together with EGR valve cleaner.


Quite inexpensive from Halfords.



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