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Tablet setup


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Hi Paul

I have fitted a few in car pc's for audio and navigation, but nowadays your mobile phone is way faster than most tablets or pc's

I use my android phone which is extremely fast and i can do it all by voice command and theres a huge selection of apps out there

I fitted a Rii geartist GB01, which is a bluetooth fm transmitter, but is extremely clear and sound quality is superb, no noise or hissing

basically when im in the car, my phone pairs to the car for hands free but any media sound is transfered to the paired gb01 to a fm stereo channel

so i can play all my music and i use google maps or co-pilot  for sat nav, with google maps you get steet view, which is great and you can use nav apps like co pilot which is great and tomtom

all have live traffic and cameras

my phone sits high on the dash on a custom bracket, sits just above touch screen which looks greats, sound comes out of car speakers and is all voice controlled

I can even position my phone a bit higher and use apps like dash buddy which will video windscreen view as i see it just in case there a accident in front

you have much more access to apps and internet with your phone

I have a sony xperia z3+ and its brilliant in car, my xperia is 8x1500mhz cores, over 20 mega pixel camera, 4g, records 4k and plays 4k, has a 128gb micro sd in it, much better than most tablets and pc's

eventually i will buy a navtool which i will be able to send the phone screen, through hdmi to the jaguar touch screen, was going to buy a ACM, but since using my phone with the car, its much better



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Hi Paul

navtool is a interface so you can display video on the factory jag touchscreen

its got hdmi and two rca video inputs on it

you can flick between the two nav and video, via a switch/button

so you can plug your phone into it and display on the jag touchcreen, play dvd films and there also one dedicated for reverse camera

its video only so you would have to use something like fm transmitter for sound

they look quite good







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