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CD changer


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Good afternoon

I have just fitted a CD changer in the boot under already installed Sat nav, turned on powered up so I could remove Cd magazine checked an put back in, pressed CDC button gets to load then comes up no disc, have I wired incorrect or does it need a different procedure, . 

Please advise. 

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Just tried turning disc over no change, can I assume that if wiring not right it would not even try to load a disc. Or do I need to do as Raistlin says , how is this done, sorry for mithering. 

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Have you looped it into the fibre optic (D2B) loop Alan?

If required it will need somebody with the SDD software to enable it. A dealer or indie will do this for you if you don't know anybody with the appropriate kit. Having said that, I've installed five CDCs now in S-Types and not one has required the software update.

The fact that it powers up tells us the electrical wiring is OK but the system is controlled by the D2B.

If you haven't looped it in, let me know and I'll send the the info you need to do it without paying a fortune for a new D2B multi-cable.


Some of the CDCs are a tad sensitive to non original disks so probably worth trying an original disk (ie. not burnt from your PC) if you haven't already covered this.

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Yes I was given a couple of the D2B leads, one of which had a link off so think that it is right. I will ask at my work see if we can do anything down the add route . Cheers for the advice. 

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