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XK8 - sell or keep?

Mackem Exile

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I have a 2006 convertible XK8 4.2S (copper black, ivory leather) which is coming up to 10 years old with 79,000 miles on the clock. Do I keep it, invest in the 80,000 mile service and hope it becomes a classic, or ditch it now while I can still get a decent price for it and invest in something newer with a low mileage?

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Welcome to the Club, Sue.

Personally, I would be inclined to keep it.  You know the car, and its record, and it is only 10 years old.

And also I believe that the XK8 is a future classic.

I am going to keep my S Type [9 years old in March] for quite a few more years.



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Hi Sue,

i agree with Peter, it's not an old car in modern day terms and you know all its little foibles. swapping it might buy you problems potentially.

My X type is 10 years old and is in low mileage concours condition with a private plate, I have had an offer recently well in excess of its true value due to the condition, but there is no way I'm selling it, doesn't mean I won't buy another Jag if I need a bit  a change in the future , just depends how attached you are to it really.


can you post a pic of your car, don't think I've seen copper black, sounds like a great colour combination with the ivory interior.



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Hi Sue

are you the original owner? Does it have a FSH, What is its general condition? Any advisories on last MOT? You need to consider stuff like this, before paying for a service or getting rid.

There is no guarantee your car, will be a classic, but likewise there's no guarantee buying something else / newer  will turn into a classic either!

Your car may already have a head start on the journey to becoming a classic, it has age! If it has provenance e.g. one owner from new, or extra options fitted, other than standard, then as I say you may already have a head start.

If it's in good nick, like peter says I would also be tempted to keep. 



Ditto, Andrews comment, any pics?

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It is a Victory Edition – part of the last build run – which included four special colours including black copper metallic. It also has the edition elm wood veneer interior plus satnav. I am the second owner. It has a full service history, and to date clear MOTs and no mechanical faults. Bodywork is perfect. If I had two garages I would keep it and buy a run round for day to day use, but I do not have space to store 2 cars. Pictures attached. And many thanks for your advice.



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From the images you supplied, she looks spotless.

i was going to mention storage availability and whether you could simply get a run around, because clearly, a car that could be a future classic, should not be a daily driver (that is just my personal opinion) it's easy for me to say, keep her in the garage, only you know you're requirements. A cheapy run around outside? And something of potential value safe inside? I know what I would do.

I'm lucky, if mine had any potential future value, one of my contractors has access to secure warehouse / storage space, at a cost of course. It may pay dividends, if you investigated the cars history, I did that, and found out mine is a Limited Edition. I'm not an expert on your particular model, but sounds like a few questions should be asked, You never know!

Do you have all the original handbooks / manuals?

As she is coming up 10 years old, you may also be eligible for a certificate from the Jaguar heritage guys (only found that out by pure luck for mine)

The obvious question is, is she worth more now, than you paid? Perhaps not, that's your business of course.

For me, if I could afford the Space / Storage, and run another car, and keep her maintained, I would take a punt and keep her safe and sound 

Sorry, I should add, I was recently looking at an XJS that was in a terrible condition, but recently I stumbled across a body shop, that could do the required work to restore her, that would have been a quick turnaround, and deal with the body shop, rather than storage and wait, so again I would advise find out more about her, information may add to the resale value 


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If it were me........I would not even consider trading that car for another one, it oozes charisma and is a stunning looking car.

the provenance sounds water tight, you might struggle to better it without spending a very large sum of money to be honest. Just my opinion.

good luck with your decisions.

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hi sue, I would keep it if you can, I think the xk8 is a future classic and is worth keeping. I am a member on another forum jaguarforum.com no1 read franks story, I am due very shortly to retire and wanting to invest in a xk8r much like kens on this site, but I am looking for an early model 96-2000 and low millage car well under 50,000 if I can find one in top condition, but in no hurry till I see the right car, but prices are rising for them. if you can store yours some were in ten years worth a few bob


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