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Big bang followed by loss of power. Help

The Prof

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Today i accelerated to overtake some cyclists and there was a bang followed by a loss in power. Don't worry i hadn't struck the cyclists!!! I can drive slowly but as soon as turbo needed there is nothing. I cant hear any metal on metal scraping and have checked for loose/broken hoses. Not convinced it is the actual turbo - could it be the EGR? No error lights showing. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Until now she has been going a dream.

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it sounds like turbo or a hose as blown

do you get a gushing/hissing sound when you need power

if not could be turbo, but they usually go in style, bang and lots of blue smoke

you could easily check turbo, by removing inlet hose to turbo and feel the shaft, if it spins nice and free and not too much side play, turbo should be ok



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Joe there isn't any hissing or gushing sound. The smoke is clear - sitting in neutral i can rev the engine to max and only a small amount of black smoke comes out. Definitely no blue smoke. I will try to feel the turbo shaft tomorrow and see what happens.


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