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Smoke from exhausted when standing still at traffic lights


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Hi all,

I'm new to the club and new to my 2006 XK coupe.

incredibly happy with the car. Such a pleasure to drive. 

I just have a couple of things I'm concerned about, maybe for no reason. 

I noticed recently that when I'm waiting at traffic lights there is white smoke coming out of both exhausts. It's not a lot and it's not very thick, just some light white smoke i which I noticed when looking in the mirror. 

Ususally this can simply be some condensation but because it happens regularly and I only noticed it when standing still I wanted to check if anyone had the same situation? 


The second question I have is how can I get an auxiliary access, hence my phone connected to play music and not only for the phone? Any ideas? 







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Hi Andre, and welcome to the club.

On the light white smoke I too am guessing that it could be condensation.

On the auxiliary access, my son who has an x type, tells me that there is little gadget from Belkin which costs about £70 which he intends to get that says on the packet will connect his iPhone to his car.  It might be worth looking at.





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Hi Andre, 

agree with Peter, my 2.5 does exactly the same. It is more obvious in the winter due to cold temperatures.

see below from a previous post re- bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, streaming music and satnav




just wanted to share this, my car does not have blue tooth connectivity and I needed a solution to connect my phone to allow safe hands free phone calls and music streaming to my stock stereo system. Did a search on Amazon and found the iVCar by AngLink listed at 16.99 delivered, the reviews were excellent and thought it was worth a punt. This device is a complete revelation, plugs into your existing 12v socket, delivered crystal clear streaming of my phones music library, clear hands free calls, sat nav etc, you can even summon Siri voice command. The device takes control of your phone and has a small rotating knob to advance music tracks or end your phone call, it even pairs with your phone automatically when you fire up the Jag, so no need to fiddle with the settings every time you enter your vehicle. I have bought it last week and have given a thorough road test to iron out any little foibles and in all honesty there aren't any, it is a superb bit of kit that is discreet with a superb crystal clear sound reproduction. Pairing with your existing Jag Stereo is simplicity itself. I'm using an iPhone 6 but I believe it works with Android phone system as well.

Picks below installed, Cheers, And



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Hi Andrew, 

great thank you for sharing that. That's really helpful. I'll check it out online.

i just booked in a service with service stop Ltd for Wednesday, let's see what they say about the smoke. 

Again, cheers for the input. 


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