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Bonnet leper mascot.


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not sure about the x type but on the s type the leaper can only go in one position,

due the the hole for fixing underneath, on the s type theres a hole in the bonnet frame, where the leaper is fixed

so your hole has to be in the middle of that hole in the frame, or you wont be able to tighten the leaper correct



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Hi Gareth

Jim said that it wasn't designed to be on a X Type but the X Type still has the hole in the bonnet frame

where the leaper should fit and I have one fitted and it really looks the great .

"BUT" I will say that drill a very small  hole from inside -out first and then do a measure  check on the outside

when I fitted mine I found it to be a little off center and I was told to do this by another member at the time

so take care.???

It really looks good go for it



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On 2/27/2016 at 0:45 AM, Garethg said:

Hi all,

I have purchased  spring loaded mascot for my bonnet, I was wondering is there a standard distance from the front of the bonnet to set it?



140mm back from the grille. On the bonnet under side there's a hole just behind the bonnet pin & spring, Drill the center there. (check 1st the nylon nut fits the hole) Suggest you print a copy of EC Directive 74/483 and keep it in the glove box, For when those interceptor guys are feeling bored and decide to give you a free road side MOT.:sadwalk:

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