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Hi, I have a 55 plate x type s 2.5 awd. Can someone tell me what she should idle at when fully warmed up. Mine is just below 900rpm. Also if im in 2nd or 3rd and I put my foot right down she seems to hesitate at around the 2000rpm mark before it accelerates like normal. It feels like a short judder/jump which it does twice before continuing. If I accelerate slowly it doesn't do it. If I race the engine and keep the revs above 2000rpm it's absolutely fine. No lights on the dash board and the clutch feels good still. Just been serviced too. My wife seems to think it's under to much load to accelerate hard under 2000rpm.  

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Hi Michael,

I used to have a 2.5 AWD of a similar year, with a manual gearbox.  It used to idle just under 900 rpm  -  so that's OK.

On the acceleration, I sometime had a small check, as it were, if I floored it in 2nd or 3rd. I adjusted my driving to accommodate it and if I wanted to accelerated very quickly I would keep the revs high and change gears quite gently taking it into neutral rather than in one sharp movement. I never used to accelerate hard from 3rd - as I thought the same as your wife.




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