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I now have a dilemma with what to do with my car.  It has gearbox issues which were diagnosed a few weeks ago as the torque convertor.

Today I spoke to a local transmission specialist and he said it would cost around £600 to fit a new one.

I suggested getting hold of a 2nd hand gearbix off ebay, he said there are 2 types for mine which have a colour coded mark on the torque convertor which is on the inside so can only be seen when the auto box is taken out 

Can anyone give any advice on this situation as I haven't got £600 to sort this.

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Are you thinking of replacing just the torque converter or the gearbox as well? I don't know about any difference between gearboxes. Perhaps between the 3.0 and 2.5 there may be and someone on here with more knowledge than me could clarify? I would personally replace the whole box with the converter for a known good one if you can. Try to see it working if possible to lessen the risk. Good luck with it. 


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Hi and thanks for the info. I have looked at them and they do look a good outfit, umfortunately they are a little too far away for me.

I have rang another local company call easigears, I intend to take it to them tomorrow for them to look at.

I will update when they give me an opinion.

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