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Battery drain


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Recently had to call out the AA due to a flat battery - after starting the car (54 S Type 2.7D / 70K miles) he checked the connections and advised there was a 0,8 amp drain??.

A thorough check (lights etc) didn't point to anything but >> Question - the exterior temp gauge has recently gone faulty showing a high reading (53) - I have ordered a new sensor, but could this faulty item be causing the drain? - By the way, the AA guy suggested dis-connecting the battery when not in use i.e. overnight - however in the meantime I connect a trickle charger which seems to do the job. 


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Hi John

I'd check for anything after market that has been fitted, stereo's or anything added

check the the fuse boxes boot, cabin and engine bay  for visable wiring thant's been added

or you could put you meter inline an measure the battery drain and start pulling fuses till the drain drops off  

My car had a drain on it when i had it, it was fitted with a Jaguar tracker, but there was no info with the car saying it had one fitted

it was in the boot, behind the carpet, left hand side

the tracker had a aux battery strapped to it which had gone faulty with age and was causing my battery drain




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Hi Jim & Joe

Many thanks for the quick response  ....  The battery is brand new, fitted some 4 weeks ago. I have had the car for some two years with no previous issues, the battery was fitted due to your comments, i.e. a failing battery creating weird electrical issues, mainly a "park brake" problem.

As far as I am aware there are no after market additions to the car, but, maybe I will have a thorough check.

Something entirely unrelated, having never spotted it before, some times when I walk in front of it, the lights will flash???? 


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Being a diesel, you will have a Webasto heater. Sometimes the PCB in the heater can fail and cause a substantial current drain.

If you still see the current drain, you might try pulling fuse 3 in the under-bonnet fuse box which is the Webasto fuse and see if it sorts things out :)

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