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ABS/traction control lights turn off 1999 s type


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Hi I have a 1999 3Ltr S Type can someone please shed some light on my problem, my ABS/traction control lights are on, I have changed the sensors but cant turn out the lights, some people say hold the trip button or reset button on the dash then turn the ignition to the on position & that should work...........that didn't work.

Some one else told me to disconnect the battery, touch the two terminals together to ensure all power is drained, then reconnect & all will be resolved.........that didn't work.

I have tried to connect it to a diagnostics machine at my local garage to get them to reset it, but the diagnostic reader couldn't connect to the car, then after a few attempts said there was insouciant voltage so cant connect.

My MOT is coming up next month, so need to get the lights turned off.

Also one other problem I have is when I engage drive all my doors lock, but then unlock straight away, does any know how to fix this issue.

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checked the battery, it was a little low, so i charged it over night, touched the two cables together to totally drain the car, reconnected but still no change, ive tried my code reader on different cars & it works, so just cant understand why it wont connect to the jag, have read that it could be a faulty ECU, but would have thought that if the ECU was faulty, it wouldn't run the car as well as it is at the moment.


also, i have found that if i start the car, but dont engage drive for about 30-45 seconds the doors lock & stay locked.

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This is going to sound quite daft! have you tried pressing the switch that activates / deactivates the stability control? mines is to the right of the hazard warning light switch, I understand the light appears on your dash, when its deactivated?

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