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jaguar xj 2011 model


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Hi All

New to this but hoping for some help i have an xf looking to buy an xj lovely one on my garage forecourt

2011 model portfolio has everything new mot service history main ndealer only stamps but 98000 miles


Would you buy is my question company owner i think solicitor only motorwat miles, feedback please

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Personally I wouldn't buy such a new car with that sort of mileage on the clock even if it had a full service history etc. An MOT is not really worth the paper it is written on that can always be gained. I would keep looking until the right one comes along with a more reasonable mileage on the clock. Good luck

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I am inclined to agree with Kenny.  The car will have been driven quite hard and will have about 10 years wear on a 4 year old car.

While the engine will probably be up to another  60k, the other bits that go into making the engine work and the car drive properly will  probably start to wear out.

As Kenny said, there are plenty of good cars around and one will come along.



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