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I have just bought my first Jag. 2009  XF Premium Luxury 2.7  Diesel. 

Two days of perfect motoring then I found that the drivers for has not been locking. I press the lock button on the key fob, walk away and hear the door locks sound, see the wing mirrors close in the indicators flash and the alarm sensor lights up red.  Today when walking back to the car, my son who was a good 50 yards in front of me just opened the drivers door ? The alarm went off and I reset the unlock/lock again. 

We then tried several scenarios including locking the door via the handle button. Same result everything locked except the drivers door. Is it an 'operator' error. I have been told by someone the the key fob battery needs changing but the same thing happens with the spare key (both batteries gone at the same time?) aside from that,  the range to operate the locks with the button on the Key fob is fantastic it works from 25 yards easily. Any suggestions.

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Hi Fred, and welcome to the Club.

Jaguar are great cars, and like other modern cars has certain foibles.  Have you checked the car battery itself?  The Jaguar does demand a battery in good condition.

If the battery is OK you could well need the key fobs reprogramming by either the dealer from who you bought the car if you have a warranty, or the services of a good auto locksmith or auto electrician.

Let us know how you get on.



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