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Snapped stud


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Hi all! 

I noticed this morning that I was getting some vibrations through the steering wheel, so I checked my weights just in case I had lost one but to my amazement I have snapped a wheel stud! 

How easy is it to replace the stud or is it a full hub assembly?

X-type estate 2L diesel

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Michael, 

The best and probably the safest is to go to an independent and trustworthy garage.

Wheels are rather important in a car  --  not an original thought  -- but still true.




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Hi Mike

there easy to change, you just knock it straight through and out the back

and then push the new one in  from the back, you have to tap it in a bit, then tighten it as normal

there like a knurled bit on the bolt that grips inside the hub, so it does'nt spin









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The rules of the  club state quite clearly that if you want to question a Moderators's decision you  should do so with the Moderator directly by using PM or email in a professional manner.

Please read the rules  ---  and this is the third time I have asked you do do so.



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