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New Member and new Jag


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Helo Peeps

Im the proud owner of my new X type 2.0d sovereign i do love it its an old car and a few minor things not working sat nav and cdc

but i had a go got the sat nav working and got the cdc out and checked it over looks like a motor problem in the unit got it loading and then it stopped again but more to the pint if anyone can help turned the radio back on and then the speakers went off no sound from anything sat nav working but no sound Radio changing tape playing but still no sound

Im sure there was another radio menu as well but that seem to have disappeared too not sure what it was called now but the one where you can change the sound from front to back or front right /front left if that helps at all 

still love the Jag and looking forward to my trip down to London tomorrow although it will be a quite one

any help much appreciated 


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Hi Neal, and welcome to the club.

I think that the radio problem could be something to do with the settings, and you may need to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, but make sure you have the radio code ready,  then after reconnecting,  the touch screen will require the code to be entered and then look to redo all the settings and the volume controls etc.

You should have an enjoyable ride down to London  ---  it is much nicer even in a traffic jam to be sitting in a Jaguar than other makes of car!



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thanks Peter ill do that and let you know just back from London and she went really well enjoyed the trip although missed my music

but the car sounded good

Thanks for the welcome peeps ill here some pixies when we get a good day eh!

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oK Peeps

Heres the update having checked out the CDC there where problems and i don't think it has any life left in it, took that out of the equation sent for a Fibre optic Diagnostic loop when it arrive it was the wrong one so proceeded to take the CDC module out of the loop took apart the D2B taking the CD connector out then running it straight in to the phone then reconnecting the D2B loop put keys in ignition hey presto sound all round Yeh!


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