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Soundproofing XType


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Happy Easter to you all.

My  2010 Xtype is away for repair currently and as a courtesy car I have been provided with a brand new Mondeo estate - apparently it is a distant cousin of my Xtype, Hmm!

Obviously I prefer the Jaguar to drive but one thing in the Mondeo's favour is its almost silent interior. At tickover you can hardly hear the engine and on the move engine and road noise barely perceptible.  I was surprised.

So now I am wondering about inserting extra sound proofing in the Xtype, carpet and possibly under bonnet.

Has anyone else done this and what was the end result in terms of noise reduction?





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Hi Jim

Thank you very much for your very thorough reply! Lots of interesting ideas for me to explore, especially in the tailgate area. 

Yes you are right - the car is a 2009 model registered in 2010. I will change my profile to reflect the year of manufacturer rather than year of registration. 


My two previous xtypes were not as noisy. Although this is one of the last to be built and is extremely low mileage, the build quality is not as great as my earlier models. Guess  they were running short on parts at the end.  Single tone horn and no dual climate control. But excellent low mileage mechanics so hoping that at 8k pa I'll get ten years trouble free motoring and still not have reached 130k when it will be wanting a new clutch. 

Happy Easter to you. 




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Hi Charlie,

One of the things that can cause excess noise is Tyre noise. The EU have specific regulations concerning tyre noise and the tyres that came out top --"A" rated -- were Goodyear Eagle XL Asymmetric.  I had those fitted on my s type diesel last year and they made a great difference as against the Pirellis that were there.

Carpets can make a difference, but you are using a new Mondeo, which will have newer carpets and newer tyres.

My S type 2.7 D is as quiet as a mouse and other than tyres and a small carpet repair I have none nothing other than having a terraclean and using premium fuel.




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