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Hi All,

I noticed there was a few inquiries over products, processes and general questions about cleaning and caring for your Jaguar.
So i thought i would be a good opportunity to open a thread for Care Care and Detailing for all to ask any questions or queries for us to respond to.

just a little info on myself.
Im a Fulltime Professional Detailer, Multi Approved in the UK (Swindon) at RedGuard AutoSpa

im always happy to help. any questions just fire away


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Hi Miles

I've got a question

What can i use on my wheels, there all ways covered in brake dust, clean them and a few hours later, there covered again

is there anything out there that makes the wheels non stick and stay cleaner for more than a day

many thanks



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alloys wheels do bring a few issues to light. The old fashioned steel wheels seems never to get "kerbed" and the hub caps were easy to clean [and easy to steal].

My wheels have been kerbed by a previous owner and need a refurbishment, and being a pensioner, I need to count the pennies somewhat. There is a local company in Lichfield with a good reputation, and hopefully in the summer I will have all 5 done  --  I have a matching "proper" factory issued spare as specified by the first owner.

A lot depends on what the MOT throws up in June.


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Hi Gents,

Sorry for the slow reply we have been away this weekend with our Sponsored Drift Car and Customers Cars at a show.

Wheel Care 101 -

Products -
Wheel Soap - PH Neutral - Salts and Solvents - Lubricates Cleaning - Slick Rims Wheel Soap
Acid Free Wheel Cleaner - Alkaline Based Cleaner - Removes Dirt and Grime Build Up - Bilberry Wheel Cleaner / Formula Clean Wheel Cleaner
Fallout Remover - Ferrous Metal Cleaner Using Alkalines - Bleeds Red/Purple While Reacting - Removes Iron Fallout - Orange Pitting - Formula Clean Iron Remover
Acid Type 1 -  Mild Acidic Cleaner - Autoglym Fast Wheels - Removes Brake Dust - Autoglym Fast Wheels / Valet Pro Blue Gel
Acid Type 2 - Strong Acid Cleaner - HydroChloric - For Professional Use - Severe Brake Dust Removal
Brake Cleaner - For CV Joints That Have Burst

Sealing -
Wax - Swissvax PTFE (www.swissvax.co.uk)
Sealant - Slickrims Sealant (www.waxaddicts.co.uk)
Coating - IGL Wheels (www.IGLCoatings.com)

Equipment -

Detailing Chemical Brush
Detailing Brush
Wheel Woolies

Try to always use the least aggressive method and use the neccesary steps.

Always use a seperate bucket solely just for wheels.
if kneeling down if not the easiest remove the wheels to clean. make sure to torque to manafacture spec and support with axle stands.


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