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Glowplug Light and Black Smoke


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Hi all


I am having some problems with my Jaguar 2005 2.0D Sport Model.


The problem is that when I accelerate hard for instance when driving uphill or overtaking someone does the Glow plug light come on and there is then a loss in performance.


Restarting the Car cures the problem instantly and I have had the problem for over six Months now.


I have had the Car checked at my local Garage who have only told me that they were unsure and that a Fault Code P0251 Injector pump fuel metering control was stored which came up again after clearing it.


There is also excessive smoke coming from the exhaust on acceleration which is my main concern.


Another thing that I have noticed is the sound of like a dump valve when i take off with a slow acceleration and not sure if that is normal.


I know that a lot of People have had similar problems with no solution but I thought of posting anyway.


Thanks for all your help and happy motoring :-)

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Hi Ali, 

My son has an x type sport 2.0D on an 06 plate and has a somewhat similar problem in part.

The car runs beautifully,  except for the fact that he gets some black smoke when accelerating.

Black smoke is usually the sign of unburnt fuel, and Wynns have a product that is supposed to help. They also have a similar product that cleans the fuel injectors which is also worth looking at.

There is a process called Terraclean which is rather good for diesel engines as it clears out the fuel system and there is a mobile who covers the Walsall, lLchfield and Sutton Coldfield areas and their peripheries which could be worth investing about £120 in.



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I would recommend anyone with similar problems to perform the "Mr Muscle Turbo cleaning task", you can get information on it on youtube by searching for "Mondeo Diesel Turbo Fix". 

Then go ahead and clean out your EGR !

Also buy yourself an EGR Plate off eBay for your Car and install it, your EML will then come on which you will need to get turned off.


If things still fail then try a leak off test on your injectors and see if you can replace them yourself and buy an injector off eBay.



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